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Proud to Bring Recycling to
Apartments & Condos

Tenants want to recycle, yet each year across Utah apartment & condo tenants throw away over 100,000 tons of recyclable materials because their buildings don't provide recycling. Join us in the recycling revolution.

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The Recycling Station

So you’re interested in bringing recycling to your apartment complex but you have a few concerns: (1) You don’t have room for another dumpster, (2) You're worried your tenants won't using the recycling or will just treat it like another trash dumpster, and (3) Admit it, dumpsters are just ugly and you want your apartment complex to look nice.

Recyclops has some good news: The Recycling Station. (1) The Recycling Station is only 4′x8′ or 4'x10' so even in the most cramped parking lot there is almost always a perfect place for it. (2) The Recycling Station doesn't look like a dumpster and thus tenants don't treat it like one, we will also help educate your tenants to ensure they know to recycle. (3) Last but not least, the Recycling Station is attractive!

With our clean and minimalistic approach to recycling we make it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of recycling without the typical drawbacks.

No more hesitating, start recycling!