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Earn rewards by helping us spread the word.

Thank you for being you, and doing your part to keep our planet clean! We know that many of you enjoy spreading the message of conservation and sustainability, and we want to start rewarding you for telling others how they can get started recycling with Recyclops.

Recyclops is happy to announce our new Advocate Reward Program.

How do you get your rewards?

When you sign up as a Recyclops Advocate, we will send you your own personal link within 24 hours.
This link belongs to you! It’s a special link that tracks how many people click on it and sign up through it. Share this link with friends, neighbors, family, or your community, and tell them how to start recycling with Recyclops. As you do so, we’ll show our gratitude by sending you rewards.
Please note: the people you tell about Recyclops must sign up through your link in order to earn these rewards!

What rewards are available?

3 referral sign ups through your link:
a $50 amazon gift card
10 referral sign ups through your link:
a $100 amazon gift card
50 referral sign ups through your link:
a $500 amazon gift card
After your first 50 sign ups, for every 50 after
another $500 amazon gift card
We will keep track of the amount of sign ups that come through your personalized link, and send you a congratulatory email for each milestone, as well as let you know when you can expect your reward to arrive. 

***Please note that in order for sign ups to count: they need to complete the entire sign up process, including submitting payment information. The new sign ups must also reside in a location that Recyclops currently services in order to count towards your rewards. In order to prevent fraudulent sign ups from counting, new sign ups must also have different addresses and payment information in order to be counted.

Each new sign up can only be counted once, people who sign up, leave, and then sign up again will not be counted twice.***

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