Bags at Recyclops

Historically, your service has not included bags.  We now include Recyclops bags as part of your service & subscription. Should you use more bags than your service allotment includes, which is 8 bags per month, we charge you for increased service at 50% off your monthly subscription rate. We deliver replacement bags throughout the year based on your service allotment.  To increase your service level and get additional bags, please complete the form to increase your service in the Help section of our website.

What you get: A roll of Recyclops bags. The average home uses approximately two bags per week plus a small stack of flattened cardboard, but feel free to put out as many bags as you need on any given week.

What if you run out of bags: You’ll need to increase your service level. First we encourage you to try and reduce how much waste you produce. If that isn’t feasible, we’re happy to increase the level of service to your home, for a small charge based on your needs, by providing you with additional bags.

To recap:

  • Your service allotment consists of 8 bags per month
  • If you exceed your subscription allotment (regardless of your subscription), you will be charged 50% for your subscription for the time between when you request a new bag roll and the time that you should have run out.

* Recyclops-branded bags are uniform, which makes them much easier to recycle. How? Plastic bags can be easily recycled as long as recyclers know the material is uniform. All our bags are made out of LDPE (low density polyethylene) so there’s no guessing or mixing of different plastic bag materials for recycling.