HELP BRING RECYCLOPS TO Ponchatoula, Louisiana!

Recycling pickups at your fingertips. Get your monthly subscription, start recycling effortlessly. Once we reached 100 signups in Ponchatoula, LA and surrounding areas, we will start our service.


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Services & pricing

Option to pay monthly, quarterly, semiannually, or annually

Every Other Week

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  • Every other week pickups
  • $10 one time setup fee
  • Bags included every month

Every Week

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  • Weekly pickups
  • $10 one time setup fee
  • Bags included every month

How does it work?

Bag your recyclables

No need to sort! Just bag all your clean recyclables in our recyclops bags.

Place them on the curb

Put your bags out on your recycling pick-up day. We’ll drive by and pick it up.

We'll do the rest

Once we pick up your recyclables we’ll take care of getting them recycled.


Want to start your recycling service sooner?

Tell your friends.

It only takes 100 signups for Recyclops to begin service.
Take 5 minutes of your time; talk to a neighbor, make a facebook post, or even text a friend. Let everyone know to signup so we can all start recycling sooner!

Recycling Guidelines

What you need to know to get started.

  • You will receive Recyclops bags to put your recycling into. Please use your own bags unitl you receive your roll of Recyclops bags.
  • Teal Recyclops bags are for plastic, cans, small cardboard & paper. (No need to sort these recyclables.)
  • Yellow Recyclops bags are for glass. (please remove all corks or lids)
  • Please wait until your glass bags are full before placing them out.
  • Large cardboard does need to be bagged.  Please flatten and place under your bags.
  • We will be unable to pick up recycling that isn’t bagged (other than large flattened cardboard).
    *Using these bags helps keep recycling clean and helps protect Recyclops drivers from injury.

    What can be recycled?

    We Accept
    • Aluminum & steel (tin) beverage & food cans
    • Cardboard & pasteboard
    • Glass containers (with glass subscription)
    • Magazines/catalogs, junk mail, paper, books
    • Newspapers
    • Plastic beverage, food, & soap containers (plastics #1, #2, #5)
    • Shredded paper (must be bagged separately)


    We Don't Accept
    • Aluminum Foil
    • Batteries
    • Bubble Wrap
    • Fluids or aerosols of any kind
    • Hazardous chemical containers (motor oil, pesticides, etc.)
    • Greasy boxes or paper (pizza boxes or used paper plates)
    • Other glass (windshields or glass panes)
    • Paint cans
    • Plastics 3,4,6,7
    • Plastic bags
    • Styrofoam and packaging “peanuts”
    • Tetra packs (juice box, almond milk, etc.)
    • Thin film plastics

    Start recycyling

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