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No need to separate materials! Simply put your clean recyclables in your provided Recyclops bags and break down any cardboard boxes. Place your bags and boxes outside where they are visible to our Recyclops drivers.

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Our Recyclops drivers will come by on your pick up day and take all of your recyclables to your local recycling facility. We make sure all of your materials get a chance at a new life!

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What materials can you recycle with Recyclops?

(Accepted materials differ based on location. Check your account page for more accepted materials.)


#1-#5 and #7

Check the bottoms of your plastic food and beverage containers to see the # or type of plastic it it made from.


Magazines and catalogs, junk mail, paper, books, and newspapers.

Do not include used paper plates or cups. Food residue can contaminate the entire bag of recycling.

Aluminum & Steel

Soda cans and other beverage cans, tin food cans.

Make sure they are washed and free from any food residuce


Corrugated cardboard boxes and paperboard, cereal and other food boxes, cardboard tubes.

Make sure cardboard is clean and dry. Break down and stack any boxes that are not bagged.


Available in select areas.

Unbroken glass bottles and containers that are free from any residue.