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For more service (larger volume of recycling), there is an extra cart fee of $9/month. 

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Recycling Guidelines

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Recycling Guidelines

General Recycling Guidelines

  • One Bin is All You Need!

    With our curbside program, you simply set your recyclables at the curb on recycling day and you’re done. 

  • No need to sort these recyclables.
  • Please clean!

    Rinsing your containers clean prior to placing them in your bin could make the difference between recyclable and trash. A rinsed clean soda bottle = recyclable. A soda bottle with coke still in it = trash/landfill.

  • Cardboard
    Please make sure that all cardboard is completely broken down, and all styrofoam or packing materials is removed from the cardboard. It is okay to leave excess cardboard next to your bin as long as it is broken down. Breaking down cardboard at residences is not a part of our service. Because of this policy, it is possible that our drivers will leave behind any cardboard that is not broken down or that has styrofoam left inside.

Glass Recycling Guidelines

  • Glass needs to be completely separated, and left next to your recycling bin(s). It can be placed in another tote, a plastic bag, a reusable shopping bag, a bucket or anything that is easy to place it in. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE YOUR GLASS IN A CARDBOARD BOX.
  • Please remove all caps, corks, etc.



We accept:

Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles & containers, metal (empty cans & container)

We don’t accept:

Styrofoam (Even if it has the recycling symbol printed on the styrofoam), motor oil, insecticides, plastic bags (please return to store), hazardous material containers, electronics, plastic sheets, tarps, or wraps. 

Food Items
Food cannot be recycled and items with food still in them get rejected by recycling centers, and sent to landfills. Food waste can contaminate multiple items in your bin causing even more items to become trash and go into the landfill. 

Common items found in recycling bins that will be left behind:

  • Paper plates with food residue
  • Plastic / cardboard food take out containers that have food left in them
  • Fast food bags with food left in them
  • Starbucks cups that still have beverage left in them
  • Styrofoam drink cups
  • Aluminum pans with food on them
  • Used napkins / paper towels from food waste
  • Soda bottles with soda or tobacco spit in them
  • Plastic/glass containers that still have food residue
  • Beer bottles with beer or cigarettes in them
  • Clothing items
  • Wood of all kinds, including Popsicle sticks
  • Q-tips

Excessive non recyclable items left in your container, could result in our drivers leaving it behind. If this happens, you will receive an email and a note on your container.


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