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  • Every other week pickups
  • $10 setup fee
  • Bags included every month

How does it work?

Bag your recyclables

No need to sort! Just bag all your clean recyclables in our recyclops bags.

Place them on the curb

Put your bags out on your recycling pick-up day. We’ll drive by and pick it up.

We'll do the rest

Once we pick up your recyclables we’ll take care of getting them recycled.


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Recycling Requirements

General Recycling Guidelines

  • You will receive yellow and teal bags for your recycling.
  • Teal Recyclops bags are for plastic, cans, cardboard & paper.
  • No need to sort these recyclables.
  • Yellow Recyclops bags are for glass.
  • Please wait to place out your glass bags until they're full.
  • We will be unable to pick up recycling that isn't bagged.

*Using these bags helps keep recycling clean and helps protect Recyclops drivers from injury. Bags are especially important now during the pandemic to keep our drivers safe.

Glass Recycling Guidelines

  • Only accepted for those who have added glass to their service
  • We provide you with twelve yellow Recyclops glass bags and we will replenish these in May each year. You may set out more than one bag per month but once you use up your initial 12 bags you would need to purchase additional service
  • You may set out your glass bag any pickup day you like
  • Additional glass service (more bags) can be purchased for 50% of standard glass service times 12
  • Please remove all caps, corks, etc.

We accept:

Paper, cardboard, plastic bottles & containers, metal (empty cans & container)

We don’t accept:

Styrofoam, motor oil, insecticides, plastic bags (please return to store), hazardous material containers, electronics, plastic sheets, tarps, or wraps.


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