Weekly pickups for Wasatch County

A new fequency for your recycling service.

More options to accomodate you. Switch to weekly pickups.


At Recyclops we want to make sure we are doing our best to accomodate you and make our service adapt to your changing needs. That’s why when we realized that there are many users in Wasatch County who are in need of more frequency in their service, we decided to adapt our operation to meet your needs. We’re excited to announce that now Recyclops bring you, weekly pickups!

Weekly pickups is a great option for homes that have more recycling than other waste, find theirselves filling their recycling before two weeks are up or homes who would simply like to have more frequency on pickups . For more frequent pickups you can opt in to weekly pickups!


Below find pricing and see how your subscription will be impacted when switching over to weekly pickups.

*If you have an annual subscription and would like to switch to weekly pickups for the remainder of your subscription, sign up and we will make a prorated one-time charge for weekly pickup service for the months left on your subscription until your renewal date.

Frequency upgrade

This option is for existing users who already have a Recyclops subscription. 

Pick up Schedule

Pickups will happen on the same day as they currently occur but on a weekly basis. 

Service & Billing

 This service will start in December 2020. If you sign up you will be billed in December 2020.