Where Does Your Recycling Go?


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Where Does Your Recycling Go?

Today, the age of consumer goods is at an all-time high, and with that comes an influx of materials and waste. It’s important to understand that we need a process in place to ensure that we are able to consume goods and services while also positively impacting the environment around us. 

Recyclops strives to offer this exact service for individuals and businesses to help positively impact the environment and allow or customers the ability to recycle at their own convenience. So once we have picked up our customer’s recyclable materials, where does it go, and how does it positively impact our environment?

    Recycling bins - Where does your recycling go

    Our Recycling Process.

    Depending on your location, some aspects of the complete recycling process may change. However, the basics always stay the same, with a convenient pick up of your recycling, straight from your doorstep. Find out more about Recyclops

    Following this, we take all recycling to a recycling facility where it is sorted and processed. Because each location’s facility dictates what they will accept, please check your location page for the most up-to-date and complete list of what is accepted for your location.

    What You Can & Can’t Recycle.


    • Paper
    • Cardboard
    • Plastic bottles – empty and replace caps
    • Plastic containers
    • Metal (aluminum or steel) cans & containers

    Not Accepted:

    • Any of the above-Accepted items that still have food or grease on or in them
    • Styrofoam
    • Plastic bags
    • Plastic wraps, tarps, bubble wrap, etc.
    • Hazardous material of any type
    • Batteries
    • Electronics

    Many stores have plastic bag drop-offs such as grocery stores, Walmart, Home Depot, and Lowes. This site has a great tool to help you find one near you.

    The exception to this is our Recyclops branded bags or other pre-approved bags used for containing your recycling.

    Plastic Bottles

    What Happens When Your  Recycling Arrives.

    Paper & Cardboard:

    The paper is taken to a recycling plant where it is separated into different types and grades. The separated paper is then washed with soapy water to remove inks, plastic film, staples, and glue. This mixture is then mixed with water to create a slurry. By adding different materials to the slurry, different paper products, such as cardboard, newsprint, or office paper, can be created.

    Plastic Containers & Bottles:

    When plastic is recycled, it is sorted into different types and colors, filtered and sifted of contaminants, then chopped and melted into pellets or made into fibers. These materials can be used to make fleece fabrics, durable construction materials, molded furniture, or insulation.

    Metal (Aluminum or Steel) Cans & Containers:

    When metals are recycled, metal products (such as aluminum cans) are chopped up, heated to remove the paint coating, then heated again to melt and mix. After being filtered and treated, the molten metal is poured into ingots, which are rolled into flat sheets and ready to be made into new metal products.

    So Why Is It Important To Recycle?

    Recycling in your community is so important because it prevents pollution, reduces the need to harvest new raw materials, saves energy, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, saves money, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, and allows products to be used to their fullest extent. 

    When someone lists out those benefits, it sure sounds like a no-brainer, if your community wants to truly reach some level of sustainability, recycling needs to play a core role in that, there’s just no alternative.

    Learn how to get Recyclops in your city. 

    Recyclops continues to expand its service offerings throughout the United States. Check out our locations as well as frequently asked questions for further information. 

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