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How does it work?

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Sign up to be a Recyclops driver to get all the scoop on our driver app and driving with Recyclops.

Get a route and drive

We’ll give you a route with all the addresses to pick up recycling from.

Pick up recycling

Pick up recycling and when you’re done with your route bring to our storage unit or partner recycling facility.

Get Paid

You’ll get paid bi-weekly for the routes you’ve completed with Recyclops.

Requirements to be a driver

  • Vehicle, preferably a pickup truck or trailer.
  • Driver’s license (No Commercial Driver’s License necessary)
  • Vehicle registration
  • Vehicle insurance

How much do you earn?

Earnings vary by location and route, you will make a certain amount for every home you pick up recycling from. To find out more, sign up and we’ll reach out to you with available routes and what you can make on each route in your area. 

Recyclops Driver Blog

Stay tuned to all the latest news in our driver community! 

Community & Recycling Blog Coming Soon.

Community & Recycling Blog Coming Soon! Stay tuned for new posts coming weekly in 2021! Relevant Blog Posts made for you. Our mission at Recyclops continues to be bringing sustainable lifestyle solutions to all regardless of where you live. Through bringing...

America Recycles Day 2020

America Recycles day 2020 Special Promotion: Sign up using promocode AMERICARECYCLOPS2020 to get your first month of recycling free. Special promotion for America Recycles Day 2020On this special day we want to spread the magic of recycling more than ever! That's why...

Wasatch Weekly Pickups Option

Weekly pickups for Wasatch County A new fequency for your recycling service.More options to accomodate you. Switch to weekly pickups.  At Recyclops we want to make sure we are doing our best to accomodate you and make our service adapt to your changing needs....

Recyclops Driver Help Desk

Need help with something? Would you like to report an incident? Looking to get in touch with us? You’ve come to the right place! Driver help desk is here to assist with all your issues. 

Payment help

Would you like to change your payment method, payment frequency, or did you have an issue with a payment. Let us know by filling out this simple ticket. 

Road warrior help

Want to learn how to use road warrior? Click here for our tutorial.

Do you have an issue with the road warrior app that you would like to report? Fill this out.

Do you need to download road warrior again? Download here.

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