Recyclops Visits the Rutherford Parent’s Fall Kids Fest: Oct 23, 2021.

Recyclops is proud to announce it’s attendance at the Rutherford Parent’s Fall Kids Fest this year. Check out more information below. 

Recyclops is proud to announce that we will be attending the Rutherford Parent’s Fall Kids Fest this year. Along with many other local businesses, Recyclops will be there on location educating attendees about the importance of recycling with Recyclops.

To find out more about the importance of recycling as well as living a more sustainable lifestyle, check out our other posts on the Recyclops blog.

Rutherford Fall Fest
What to Expect at the Rutherford Fall Fest:
Trick-or-Treat fun, carnival games, live performances and demonstrations (including an ambulance & fire truck for show & tell!), food vendors, kids’ costume parade, and giveaways at The Avenue in Murfreesboro (behind Belk) from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. You can visit an array of local vendors and enjoy live entertainment throughout the day.

When: Saturday, October 23, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Where: The Avenue Murfreesboro (2615 Medical Center Pkwy., Murfreesboro).

Recyclops Giveaways:
Recyclops won’t just be helping to educate attendees on the importance of recycling. Those who visit the Recyclops booth will have the opportunity to take part in an exclusive giveaway for some amazing prizes.
Those who attend will have the chance to win:
1) A brand new backpack made by Cotopaxi:
Cotopaxi give away image

More about Cotopaxi: Cotopaxi believes the products that get us exploring can make a positive impact on other people’s lives. That’s why they create sustainably designed outdoor gear that fuels both adventure and global change, by dedicating a percentage of their revenues to nonprofits working to improve the human condition. Learn more about Cotopaxi and its mission here.

2) A $50 Stasher gift card:
stasher bag giveaway image

More about Stasher: Stasher produces sustainable food packaging that can be re-used over and over again. “What started as an endlessly reusable, non-toxic silicone storage bag has exploded into a global mission that’s preventing over a billion single-use plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills.”. Learn more about Stasher on their website here.

3) A 3-month subscription of recycling with Recyclops:
Recyclops Giveaway Image
Recycling with Recylops free of charge for 3-months. Recyclops offers recycling pickups that fit your lifestyle. Get rid of your recycling guilt and make sure all of your waste is being recycled responsibly.

We are excited to give back to the community and look forward to seeing all of you there for some fall fun activities! Check out the Recyclops Instagram page for more information about the event as well as announcements.

For more information about the event feel free to visit the Fall Festival website here.

Start Recycling with Recyclops.

Our team at Recyclops makes it easy to recycle today straight from the convenience of your home. With our service, you know that your recyclables are going to a designated recycling facility and not a landfill. Learn more about where your recycling goes here

Depending on your location, recycling is as easy as putting all your materials in one or more bags (depending on how many you have) and putting them right on your doorstep or curbside. Your local Recyclops driver will be there to pick up your materials and ensure they arrive at the destination. And don’t worry about making space for another bin, Recyclops bags or carts come with all our services and pickups come at your convenience. 

We want to make recycling easy and simple, and that starts with recycling on your schedule. 

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