How to Use the Recyclops Waste Wizard

Learn more about the Recyclops Waste Wizard and how it can make recycling with Recyclops even easier in your city.


Introducing the Recyclops Waste Wizard

Recyclops continues to innovate solutions for sustainability. We believe that recycling and sustainable options should be accessible to everyone, which is why we are so excited to announce the new Recyclops Waste Wizard.

The Recyclops Waste Wizard follows our goals of pairing technology with recycling, allowing our customers to gain insights on what should be recycled and easier access to their pick up information.

What is the Recyclops Waste Wizard?

The Recyclops Waste Wizard is a new tool available through the My Recyclops mobile app or our website. Recyclops customers will now be able to find their pick up schedule, sign up for pick up reminders and even be notified of any service changes through the My Recyclops mobile app and Recyclops Waste Wizard. These features allow our customers to have better access to information and follow our core value of transparency.

Learn more information about Recyclops and our core values here.

Once customers sign up for reminders through the Recyclops Waste Wizard, they will begin to receive customized reminders of their collection services. The new Recyclops Waste Wizard offers more than just service reminders. The tool also allows customers to learn what can and cannot be recycled and where they should be disposing of their waste.

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When customers do not know where their waste or other potentially recyclable items can be disposed, they wishcycle. Wishcycling, which means trying to recycle items that you hope are recyclable, leads to waste contaminating recyclable materials, lowering the efficiency of the recycling process.

With the Recyclops Waste Wizard, we offer a perfect solution by allowing customers to instantly get proper address-specific instructions about which bin to use or where the item can be disposed of. The Waste Wizard is great for anyone who has been confused or is unsure about what’s recyclable in their area.

Learn more about where your recycling goes on the Recyclops blog.

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How to Use the Recyclops Waste Wizard

Recyclops customers will soon be able to download our mobile app, My Recyclops, for Apple or Android smartphones.

After downloading the My Recyclops mobile app, you’ll find recycling, and a special pick up collection schedule specific to your home address. The mobile app can also remind you of your collection day, so you’ll never forget it again. If you don’t have an Apple or Android smartphone, you can also visit our website and search your home address in our “My Schedule” tool.

To Get Started With the Recyclops Waste Wizard Follow These Steps:
  1. Download the “My Recyclops” mobile app for Apple or Android smartphones. Or visit our website here.
  2. Enter your address to find your specific pickup schedule.
  3. Sign up for waste collection reminders by email, phone call, or text message.
  4. Download your collection schedule into your iCal, Google calendar or Microsoft Outlook calendar.
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Do not forget in the mobile app, you can search for specific items in your area using the “Waste Wizard” section. The Waste Wizard is perfect for finding out if materials or items can be reused, recycled, composted or disposed of.

Stay tuned for more information and announcements regarding the Recyclops Waste Wizard. For any questions regarding the Recyclops Waste Wizard, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Start Recycling with Recyclops.

Our team at Recyclops makes it easy to recycle today straight from the convenience of your home. With our service, you know that your recyclables are going to a designated recycling facility and not a landfill. Learn more about where your recycling goes here

Depending on your location, recycling is as easy as putting all your materials in one or more bags (depending on how many you have) and putting them right on your doorstep or curbside. Your local Recyclops driver will be there to pick up your materials and ensure they arrive at the destination. And don’t worry about making space for another bin, Recyclops bags or carts come with all our services and pickups come at your convenience. 

We want to make recycling easy and simple, and that starts with recycling on your schedule. 

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Recyclops continues to expand its service offerings throughout the United States. Check out our locations as well as frequently asked questions for further information. 

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